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This is quite standard among the major online forex brokers, but using the maximum leverage is generally not acm geneva forex. Zecco Forex ACM Forex Different foreign exchange market brokers have different things to offer; there are advantages and disadvantages of . According to Bloomberg, ACM Advanced Currency Markets SA (ACM Forex) provides forex brokerage services online and also invites its clients to trade gold and silver. The company was founded in and has been headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ACM: The best way to find out about ACM, who we are and what we do is to pick up the telephone and call us. For those potential customers who prefer ACM Forex Broker Information.

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Acm geneva forex que votre augmentation de capital et votre The technology company, majority owned by Refco, has launched its platform using a Java system, as it will be more suited to bank operations, Son directeur, Nicolas Bang, nous explique pourquoi et comment, acm geneva forex. A start-up company based on a simple yet ingenious formula: an on-line Forex platform offering clients transparency, low margins and simplicity of use.

With a site that has worldwide reach and is translated into 13 different languages, this online Forex brokerage has managed to rapidly differentiate itself from competition. ACM now boasts transaction volumes that average at USD 60 billion per month and the site receives between Transparency: Transparency is paramount in all ACM dealings- from the initial presentation of the company to the method of trade execution. Minimal Profit Margins: Profit margins are kept to a minimum so that execution is superior to that of any other brokers and clients are entirely satisfied.

The aim being to gain the largest market share, possible due to the outstanding trading conditions offered. The Dubai team will function as a representative office for Middle East in markets and will cater to both institutional and private customers. As a result we have seen increased demand for new currency pairs and precious metals. ACM confirms that all new currencies will be executable with the exact same methodology the company has supplied up to now, namely with acm geneva forex tightest spreads possible, without any request for quote or any slippage.

Most of our customers consider these moves as more profit opportunities. As a matter of fact ACM traded volume soared consistently in the recent weeks. With a recent rise of its share capital to 20 millions Swiss Francs, ACM is the largest capitalised Swiss online currency broker.

Since its creation ACM has kept on growing, acm geneva forex. The ACM Group is novd present on four continents and offers all of its clients fast, efficient and secure access to four different online platforms, acm geneva forex.

Having already received several awards for its in-house trading platform, ACM is considered to be particularly innovative and acm geneva forex. Do you think that this was just a function of the falling stock markets or are there other reasons that make it seem logical that the FX became such a boomer?

In my estimation this is the foremost reason why a product such as FX has grown to such an extent. As a result, the foreign exchange market appeared to offer promising potential in such a tense acm geneva forex environment. People realised that there is always potential profit to be taken whatever the general market conditions are, acm geneva forex. Whilst in the 90s currency trading was essentially restricted to a purely institutional clientele, today foreign exchange has become extremely accessible and transparent and therefore deliverable to the whole gamut of individuals.

Take all of the above and you may have a pretty good idea of why FX became more and more popular in the early years of this decade. Nicolas Bang: When you trade in Forex you always buy or sell one currency against another. The result is that when one currency drops, the other one soars, there is always a potential winning position whatever the market direction.

As you can take long or short positions, profit making is a question of flair, strategy, market knowledge and timing. The second main difference is that unlike any other financial market there are usually neither commission nor fee to pay when a transaction is made.

Third, acm geneva forex, what set FX apart from any other market in existence is the amazing amount of liquidity inherent in the forex market. For acm geneva forex traders this is truly a huge advantage because it gives them the chance of entering and exiting the markets instantaneously and effortlessly at the exact price requested. Finally, Forex is an OTC market, very flexible and open 24 hours a day, acm geneva forex.

Nick Bang: The Forex market is a highly competitive market and this atmosphere of emulation benefits the customers; when they choose to invest their money in Forex they have a full range of opportunities. ACM is an important player within this market for three reasons: first of all, we offer unbeatable execution conditions to our clients, notably with spread acm geneva forex low as one pip, acm geneva forex.

Especially ACM guarantees execution in all market conditions for all types of order, acm geneva forex. Our clients partner with us for that. Thirdly, security is more than an important aspect for us: As a Swiss broker we are regulated by the highest standard of the Swiss Federal Ministry of Finance, and we are the first broker to be ISO certified in the field of security of information.

Please tell us a little bit about the tools that are solely available through you. Nicolas Bang: ACM is a pioneer in the field of online trading and since the beginning we have been committed to permanent technological improvements.

At our Geneva headquarters we have a dedicated team of developers who work on the implementation of new technologies. We are an innovative company. We are the owner of all of our trading software, which is not the case for most of our competitors who outsource the access to the technology.

We can therefore propose the best conditions to our clients. Moreover, ACM is the only broker who proposes four different platforms with a single account, so our clients can switch from one platform to another and experience flexibility. Every platform offers different functions and allows our clients to trade in accordance with their changing needs, wherever they are and whenever they want.

They can even trade from their mobile phone and get easy access to their account without downloading from any computer. How do you see the future in terms of technical development in general and what are — more specifically — the tools you are developing right now for your clients?

Nicholas Bang :The future will bring even more enhanced ease of use to traders and increase the level of customisability of the interfaces. We are developing technological tools going in this direction. Notably we are working on new mobile trading features in order to get improved charts and technical indicators on a mobile phone.

We are also heading towards upgraded charting tool interactivity. The objective is still the same, making trading conditions with ACM as easy and as attractive as possible. Does a broker have to be global in this world? What are the advantages? Nicolaos Bang: Correct. ACM is a global company and one of the largest online brokers and is present on four continents. One of the main assets of any Internet-based business is that you can reach a worldwide audience from anywhere in the world provided that acm geneva forex propose a product or a service likely to meet expectations of the acm geneva forex of a specific market.

ACM has always been global in its approach, offering trading service in 14 languages, and aiming at proposing its platforms to a wide range of customers.

From the beginning the US market has been at the top of our list of priorities. However, to strengthen the relationship with our clients nothing replaces geographical proximity. That is the reason why we have developed our network of offices in Geneva, Dubai, acm geneva forex, Montevideo and now New York. What are the main differences in trading between these two asset classes? They can be traded as easily as any other currency pair but there are slight differences, acm geneva forex.

You can usually trade only lots of hundreds of ounces, acm geneva forex. Besides that, orders are placed just as with any other currency pair.


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According to Bloomberg, ACM Advanced Currency Markets SA (ACM Forex) provides forex brokerage services online and also invites its clients to trade gold and silver. The company was founded in and has been headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ACM: The best way to find out about ACM, who we are and what we do is to pick up the telephone and call us. For those potential customers who prefer ACM Forex Broker Information. ACM claims to be the largest online Forex broker in the World. The raid was the result of months of investigations against Forex stands. ACM Forex stands for Advanced Currency Markets Forex, a Swiss-based online Forex trading company that is founded in the city of Geneva.